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Wing Woman

Always in-the-know, but invites everyone along.

Dances until the sun comes up, but never misses the day-after brunch. 

Slips on her best dress for happy hour, but has a love for all things divey.

Never stops manifesting, making plans, and exuding some serious New Yorker energy.

as your Wing Woman, we promise to always…

Prioritize fun

Value quality

Plan with ease

Prioritize fun

Value quality

Plan with ease

Prioritize fun

Value quality

Plan with ease

Our love language is customer service fit for Beyonce.

our community is full of...

Bosses who just don’t have the time

Party girls who thrive on fun

Foodies who appreciate quality

Trendsetters with high expectations

We get it.

How much time have you spent researching where to meet your friends for dinner? Wasted hours toggling between four different websites and apps only to just randomly choose a spot out of frustration? Or simply given up after feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices you have living in New York City?

She had always been the go-to friend for planning, parties, nights out, special occasions – they were her jam! But in NYC, it all felt a little paralyzing. If only she had someone who knew the trendy spots, local gems, and best info for the New York City scene…

She decided to combine 15 years of corporate domination, her love for supporting friends and knack for living her best life - and Wing Woman was born.

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Grab a bottle of champagne from your neighborhood bodega to pregame a West Village night out. 

We don't judge

wing woman does it better

All-in-one reservation tool

Search, discover, and book all within one easy-to-use app. Did we mention she’s pretty, too?

Actual vibe checks

Ditch reviews from people you don’t know, our community knows the hottest spots and puts priority on all things ambience.

Always 100% NYC

We love New York! Wing Woman specializes in real local knowledge, not generic spots you can find in hundreds of other cities.

Meet the OG Wing Woman

I was once told that a boss referred to me as "Just a party girl", as the reason my feedback wasn't being taken seriously.

It's always stuck in my mind, and I've come to love what was once meant as an insult-He was right. I AM a party girl-the best kind in fact. I work hard, and I play hard, and there is no better city in the world to do both. 

So I’m inviting you to live your best life, exactly the way you want to. Host the epic party and then kill it at your work presentation. Throw on your Yankees hat and scream at the TV of your local dive and climb the corporate ladder on Monday.

I can’t wait to show you around.

A love note from Steph

xo, Steph

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